Mitras Lightbar

Mitras LX

ProfiLux 3.1

    ProfiLux – Technology that inspires!

    Versatility and uncompromising quality made in Germany as well as the nearly unlimited expandability – these are the advantages of the ProfiLux® Controller, which enthuses countless users worldwide.

    Measure and control all that is important with the help of the professional technology which persuades also science and research.

    Use the realistic illumination control with unique functions combined with the GHL-illumination technology and thus experience fascinating light scenarios.

    Find the appropriate system out of the manifold components and enjoy your hobby!

    Mitras – The clever LED aquarium illumination by GHL

    You are looking for a really bright and energy-efficient illumination for your tank? Then the Mitras lamps are exactly the right for you!

    Produced and developed in Germany, the Mitras high-performance LED lamps offer technical know-how at highest level and through this are able to replace the conventional tank illumination without compromise.

    The use of selected high-power LEDs guarantees a high light performance. Due to a sophisticated controlling technology and the elaborated warmth management of the Mitras products, up to 50.000 operating hours can be achieved without problems.

    The unique light mixture, the homogeneous light distribution as well as the color spectra which are optimally adapted to the corresponding needs, provide natural colors in the tank contribute to a strong growth of plants and corals.

    The light spectrum and the light performance can be set comfortably and exactly to your needs.

    Give your fishes, plants and corals exactly the light that they need!

    What customers say

    “It is very pleasant to deal with you. Excellent products, superb service, fulminant responds!
    I see that have chosen correct goods at correct people.”
    Rival B. aus Israel

    “Ich bin hin- und hergerissen vom PL3, meine Frau murmelt allerdings bereits etwas wie „nach jahrelangen Kämpfen habe ich Dich von den wochenendlichen Computersessions weg und jetzt spielst Du stundenlang mit Deiner Aquariumelektronik“.
    Nein wirklich, die Möglichkeiten mit dem PL3 sind phantastisch und die Usability ist so großartig, dass es richtig Spass macht, sich immer tollere Sachen einfallen zu lassen.”
    Werner P. aus China

    “I like your product, it is getting a great community behind it, and it keeps my reef happy.Thanks!”
    Bob G. aus USA

    “Hi,first of all i’m very happy with the profilux 3, it is doing the job perfectly.”
    Steven M. aus Holland



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    Mitras Lightbar

    Mitras Lightbar

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