Mitras LX

Mitras LX is well equipped with the latest in LED technology and efficiency. These high-powered LEDs are specially mixed and tuned to provide increased coloration, increased growth, maximum light distribution, and brilliant true-to-life colors (CRI > 95).

When choosing the Mitras® LX 6000 series luminaire, it is very important to consider how this light will be used; we offer different models to suit different uses. Each model is equipped with special LED combinations perfectly matched for different applications such as freshwater and marine water. 

The correct light spectrum used is equally as important as the number of lumens that can be achieved.

Mitras® LX were designed as hanging lamps for operation on open aquariums. They must not be used in a closed aquarium beneath a cover.

For built-in or enclosed aquariums we recommend our high power LED light bars Mitras Lightbar or mid power light bars Mitras Slimline.

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